Creating my first AMV; Bakemonogatari | Cannibal

In my continued mission to make more video content, I produced my very first AMV, pretty much on a whim, after listening to Tally Hall’s Cannibal a great many times and thinking about how well it might fit Monogatari. Something about the ladies of Monogatari just scream “dangerous” and with how often Araragi gets the shit kicked out of him, it felt right to create something that celebrated these ladies in a darkly comical, kickass way.

Some of my favorite AMV’s are the ones that have an almost narrative flow. Of course, trying to convey an entire TV show’s story in a three-minute music video isn’t easy. However, conveying an emotional narrative through the music gives the audience something they can extrapolate and interpret on their own. They’ll either draw from their memory of the show (if they’ve seen it) or infer what the show is about from the imagery (if they haven’t).

Bakemonogatari is about a troubled, complicated young man helping a bunch of complicated young women deal with apparitions preying on their traumas and insecurities. And since he’s a half-vampire with a heart of gold, he doesn’t mind taking quite a bit of punishment to help them in the long run.

However, by the end of the show, Araragi has to at some point realize that to die completely for the sake of someone means hurting others by leaving. He has to put his pride aside and ask for help in return for once, something that is offered readily to those who hear the call.

Anyways, I wanted to explain my thought process making this video for those who are interested. Expect more video content in the future on my YouTube channel, starting with my video review of Kizumonogatari. Leave a comment on the video or down below telling me what other AMV’s you’d like me to make.

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Thanks for watching, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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