No New Post This Week; A Short Conversation

Hey all…

I know last week I said “come back next week for the next Project Itoh review,” but this week got off to a bumpy start.

As of writing, I’ve come down with a cold. Yes, I’m sure it’s just a cold, I don’t think I have COVID. Normally I’d fight through a cold like it’s nothing but something about getting sick at all after six months of quarantining made me a lot more suspicious about what this was as soon as I got symptoms.

So I was spending the last two days – which are typically my biggest writing days – sleeping. If it were just that, I probably would have been a bit more indecisive on whether to make this post. However, there is something very important going on today, the day this is posted…

It’s Election Day… which will probably turn into Election Week or Election Month depending on how long it takes to count all the votes in this bizarre year we find ourselves in. I’m aware that a lot of my audience is from America so it bears mentioning.

Please vote. If there was ever a time to do it., this would be the year. There is so much on the line. With every bad thing that has happened this year, I’d like to believe that it’s all happened for a reason. I’d like to believe that we can make it through to the other side with something we can be proud of.

I’m not gonna give one of those justifications like “I don’t typically talk politics, but…” considering I’m openly in love with political fiction and stories with a political message or discussion. I also think that certain topics being discussed right now aren’t political at all. They are matters of human decency.

Black Lives Matter.

Healthcare in America is bullshit.

The environment is dying and it’s our fault.


So if you woke up today resigned to letting the day pass without lending your vote, I implore you to think again.

And because it’s down to the wire and not making a hard stance would be kinda spineless this far in… fuck it:

Vote Biden.

I would be surprised if frequent readers of my content were annoyed by me taking the opportunity to express my views on this matter. After all, as a gay feminist who has been quite transparent about being such in their writing, I can’t imagine it’s all that surprising. If you’re unsatisfied, I won’t make you stay.

That’s all I wanted to say on the matter. I’m gonna go get some sleep and beat this cold. And next week I’ll go back to talking about anime. Deal?


Thank you for reading. Stay healthy, stay safe, and be kind to one another. I’ll see you all next time.

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