Animegraphy: A Yearly Musical Delight

Every November from 2012 to 2015, an editor who goes by the name of Qyll would produce music videos showcasing anime from each year. The series was called Animegraphy, and it was a truly spectacular tradition that gave anime fan a reason to be excited for November. They usually contained about four or five songs and could easily switch between upbeat and fun, romantic, sad, or action-packed. And they only got better and more polished as the years went on.

Sadly, 2015 was the last year for Qyll’s amazing series, and many newcomers have stepped up to continue the tradition. Today, I want to share all of Qyll’s Animegraphy music videos and even one that I believe to be a worthy successor.

Animegraphy 2012

Animegraphy 2013

Animegraphy 2014

Animegraphy 2015

The Successors

One only need search “Animegraphy 2016” to find people attempting to continue the tradition in Qyll’s place, and there will surely be even more in the future. This video below is simply one that caught my eye more than others. It is the closest to the feel of his work that I can find.

The Importance

Music videos like this are a celebration of why we continue to indulge in this medium and the fact that so many are eager to try and continue this tradition is evidence enough that Animegraphy means something to a lot of people. A synergy of American music and Japanese animation into an emotional digestive of an entire year of great media. You might laugh, cry, reminisce about all the shows in the video you’ve watched, but you’ll always find yourself counting the months until the next one. Even if Qyll never makes another, Animegraphy will continue.

Leave a comment about which Animegraphy is your favorite and feel free to send me links to other music videos like Animegraphy. I’m always in the mood for a good AMV. Hope you all enjoyed this post. See you next time.

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