What Am I Watching? August 13th, 2017

Hey look, it’s one of these things again. Haven’t done one of these since April so the question remains, what the hell am I watching right now? I’ve specified which of the shows I’m watching are seasonal, as well as created categories for shows I’m rewatching and even shows on my backlog I’d like to continue (and hopefully finish) soon. Let’s dig in!

Concrete Revolutio: Superhuman Phantasmagoria

I remember seeing previews for this show back in the fall of 2015 and thinking it was a bit too weird for my tastes. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that this show is an underrated gem, like many of my favorite shows. A Studio Bones show with some of the most exhilarating cuts by Animator Yutaka Nakamura and some extremely fun characters. The story seems to jump between two distinct timelines frequently which can be a tad confusing, but I can say with certainty that I’m hooked. Expect a review when I’m finished.

Ergo Proxy

I’ve been meaning to watch Ergo Proxy for a long time and only recently decided to pull the trigger and get my hands on the 10th Anniversary Blu-ray. So far it is a very rich Sci-fi ride. Loving the style and characters. Music fans should note that the ending is Paranoid Android by Radiohead. I love when western musicians put their music in Anime. Darker shows like this harken back to a time where Anime felt like it was being marketed directly to the Adult Swim generation of adolescents in the west, craving new and cool shows to get lost in. It has been an incredibly intriguing ride.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I started this series during Crunchyroll’s recent marathon on Twitch and have been continuing it ever since. I don’t typically watch cutesy slice of life shows like this and I’m not sure why since this show puts such a huge smile on my face when I watch it. Dragons, lesbians and overall cuteness overload describe the experience so far. The opening is weird but the song is catchy as hell.

From This Season

My Hero Academia

The second season of My Hero is still going strong. I actually didn’t realize the second season would be more than 12 episodes, but here we are. I’m glad such a fun show is getting so much attention. I don’t typically follow adaptations of big shonen manga, but I feel like I’m on the ground floor of the next big shonen series and that feels nice, especially when I know I’ll never take the time to watch Naruto, One Piece or other long running shonen series.


What I’m Rewatching

Kids on the Slope

I watched Kids on the Slope during my Senior Year and I remember enjoying it. I feel like maybe I didn’t quite appreciate how good it was though, so I’m watching it again to drink it all in. For those who don’t know, this is a period piece show set in 1960’s Japan about young kids playing Jazz together. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe with music by the lovely Yoko Kanno. Made by Studio Mappa of Yuri on Ice fame.

Haikyu!! (Season One and Two)

I am planning to rewatch the entire series of Haikyu because, in my efforts to finish the third season after a long hiatus, I have realized that I do not remember most of the characters’ names. This sucks because I genuinely love this series a lot. I feel like I’ll love it a lot more after the second viewing.

On My Backlog

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I think I had this on the list last time too. Well, I’m still planning on finishing the series soon so I don’t have to turn in my geek card. I’m including End of Evangelion and the rebuilds in this too since I want to get the full Evangelion experience.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This show is the best show I can’t seem to make any progress on. It is so fun and just so expertly absurd that it has to be watched. I’m at the very beginning of Stardust Crusaders, season two so I have quite a ways to go before I’m caught up. No, I’m not going to read the manga, I don’t love Jojo that much… not yet anyway.

Any Recommendations?

What are your thoughts on the shows I’m watching right now? Any shows you think I’d like? Feel free to leave me a comment and let’s get to talking about Anime. I’m always looking to discuss the shows I love or hate and I would appreciate any recommendations you all can give me. Thanks for reading, and as always, see you next time.


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