I Made A Video About Sakuga… Like… A Year Ago

So apparently I never shared a video that I made last year on YouTube. Or maybe I did and it was within another post. Either way, I’m sharing it now. I was taking a culture course to prepare me for my trip to Japan (where I currently am). It was the same course for which I wrote my review of Your Name (which oddly enough, I did share here). The story goes, I was asked to make a video about my host culture. Being a weeb, I decided to make a video about sakuga, as it is something I am deeply passionate about. Check it out below.

Look at that, I’m just able to keep up to my usual schedule. God knows how that’s gonna change now that my classes have started but I’ll try to write some stuff in anticipation of that so I have a steady stream of content. Leave a comment below about your thoughts on sakuga and tell me if you would like to see more video content in the future. Oh and remember, you can always keep up with my adventures in Japan over at my other blog, Sakura in Japan. Thanks for reading (or in this case, watching) and I’ll see you next time.

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