I’m on Patreon Now!

With the world going the way it is right now, I feel like more than ever, my life is on pause. I’ve graduated from college with a fairly concrete idea of what I want to be but less of an idea where my first step on that path is. Or, at least that’s what I thought.

To be more specific, I’m not sure what the first paid step on my journey is. I’ve been thinking so much about getting a job that I’ve let it distract me from how I’m already doing what I want to do. You just have to look at my bio on twitter or my About Me page to ascertain how crazy I am about being a writer, producer, and critic, both in written and visual media.

So I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing, and if you like what I do, maybe you can support me…

As I mentioned at the end of my recent post on Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season, I reached over 600 visitors to the blog in May. That’s a huge increase from the last two months, which themselves were breakthroughs in that I broke 400 monthly visitors.

So, I’m getting a lot of traction, and since I enjoy what I do, I want to see if I can’t make a bit more of it while we’re all in quarantine. With all that said though, I wondered what I could offer people to incentivize followers beyond just the kindness of their hearts. So I had to come up with some tiers like all the other big content creators.

Somehow my dumb ass forgot to add a link to my Patreon when I first posted this. So behold the entire purpose of this post…

Become a Patron!

Tier One – Recognition [$1]

At the first tier, I will list your name at the end of each post of the month you became a patron. If you become a patron right at the end of the month, I’ll feature your name at the end of the next few going into the next month. As for the occasional month-long hiatus for fiction writing, I will make a post or two specifically to shout out patrons during that hiatus and of course, I won’t be taking money from patrons during months where I’m not actively producing content.

Tier Two – Upcoming Works [$5]

So maybe you really like my work and you’re excited to see what comes next. I want to let patrons of the second tier in on certain ideas I have for future posts.

Now I was hesitant about this at first because some of my ideas don’t end up going that far. Some posts will just end up dead in the water after I start them and realize I can’t get my thoughts together. This is rare though and regardless I think it’s nice to have an idea of what to look forward to.

When I think more about it, having an informal series about ideas for essays and reviews excites me. Not all of my ideas always translate well into a concise essay, but if I vent those ideas as a brain dump of whatever curiosities or frustrations that got me thinking about them in the first place, it might be therapeutic. And hopefully, it will be entertaining to read.

Tier Three – Patron’s Choice [$10]

If you are paying at this tier, you will get to choose something for me to Review. You can tell me a show or film to review, and you get ask me about my opinion on a certain topic related to anime. If it’s something I’ve already discussed, I’ll probably ask for something else, but there are tons of shows and films I’ve already discussed that I’d be interested in revisiting to explore other parts of them.

As time goes on and as I gather more patrons I will further fine-tune these tiers to make them as pleasing as possible. For the time being, this seems like a good start. Whether you have recently discovered my blog or have been following for a while, I hope you will consider supporting me.

Thank you very much for reading and as always, I’ll see you next week!

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