My Review of BNA is Somewhere Else (Also, The Future of This Blog)

I’ve been blogging here since freshman year of college and in the time since, I’ve thought a lot about what comes after graduating. For a while there, I was so excited about how well this blog has done that I shelved that question when it was most important. Given current events, however, I had to kick it into high gear and think about my future.

So I’m sad to say that my review of Trigger’s new show, BNA, isn’t here…

Instead, it’s on another site that I am now a writer for

That’s right bitches, your boy is a staff writer.

New Beginnings

I am blessed to be a writer for Anime Quarterly, a new anime news/review site. So new, that it literally launched last week. Me and a few other cool people I’m excited to get to know more are working on it and I’ll be contributing at least two posts per month to this new site.

Let’s be clear though, I ain’t abandoning this blog. I will continue to produce as many analyses and reviews for this blog, perhaps just as many as I intend to make for AQ. More topical and newsworthy reviews/analysis are more likely to be discussed on AQ while more content about older anime will be discussed here.

Some of my favorite posts have covered shows outside of the current discourse or that are underrated or overlooked. I want to continue cornering that niche on my own platform while offering an informed take on newer releases/subjects through this new endeavor I’m a part of.

I hope you will continue to support this blog and check out Anime Quarterly for your next favorite anime news publication.

My Review of BNA: Brand New Animal

Anime Quarterly’s official website

And now to discuss some other important things I’m working on.

Video Reviews/ YouTube

I quite like video editing, so it’s especially annoying how I haven’t done it nearly as much as I could. It’s not like I don’t have a backlog of reviews that could make great videos, much less new ideas that might be done better as videos rather than essays.

I’m not putting myself on a schedule for video content just yet, but I will be putting considerably more work into making videos going forward. And my first big review has already been completed. I have turned my review of the Netflix Castlevania series into a 30-minute-long video essay for all to enjoy.

The Future of Sakura Sunrise

So what’s next for this blog? That’s a loaded question, considering that between the wisdom teeth surgery I had just this morning at the time of writing and this new endeavor, I’ve had a lot on my mind. But I’m already working on my new review and it’s gonna be a good one, trust me.

I will be looking back at Masahiro Ando’s romantic epic, Blast of Tempest.

Stay tuned for more. Thank you very much for listening and as always, I’ll see you next time.

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